Store Franchise

You become our exclusive partner in your city and we provide you with a new concept around ART.

A new generation of art galleries and a turnkey concept that is revolutionizing the art trade.

We are the first network to offer an affiliate commission system in the field of art.

The Affiliate Commission is a model of network development based on a specific commercial contract. The works belong to the supplier KAEZAR and the affiliate is paid on the basis of a percentage on sales. The operating principle of the affiliation commission is based on the well-known notion of consignment. The affiliate does not have to make the financial advance of the purchase of the stock.

Unsold goods will also remain the property of Kaezar.

The amount of commission paid to the affiliate is 37% on sales made.

The entrance fee to the Kaezar Gallery concept is 25K € and you must have a bank guarantee of 25K €.

You must have a sales area of 50m^2 minimum.

A precise architectural guide is given to each partner to optimize perfectly the arrangement of the concept.

Live a new adventure with us and treat yourself to a unique art concept in your city.


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