Kaezar Group Inc, is an internationally operating company in the fields of design, interior design, architecture and decoration. Offering a single turnkey solution to its customers by reducing the number of independent suppliers and helping to reduce delivery times and ensure impeccable project management. The Group’s divisions which are both distinct and complementary facilitate the delivery of high quality projects within budgets. In addition to providing a highly creative and distinguished design and interior design services, our company produces all of the furniture and decorative accessories needed to fulfill the mandate. Our partner factories located in Canada, China and Italy give us the opportunity to meet all the needs of our customers, regardless of the qualitative expectations and budgets associated with their objectives. We also own one of the finest decorative wall art production concepts in North America. We distribute our artworks at groups such as Rochebobois, Fendi Casa, Luxury Living, Hughes Chevalier, Starwood Hotels, Habitat World, Ambienti Design, Mobilia, Cantoni and many other customers around the world. We provide in design solution and commercial furniture for hotels of all ranges. Our textile, fabric and carpet factories in Thailand complete all of our offerings and services and allow us to perfectly control all the steps required to deliver a high quality end product.

The Concept

As interior design professionals renowned for our signature luxury and elegance, we found it was very difficult to get hold of high quality artwork, both artistically and aesthetically, that would put the finishing touch to our projects and truly enhance our clients’ décor. The selection available on the market of affordable art was in bad taste and of poor quality. If the price was attractive, associating those products,often made in Asia, with handpicked, upscale furniture was out of the question! Buying original art in art galleries was not a viable option either, seeing that the price tag is very often – if not always – out of reach, not to mention how difficult it gets to find the right size with the right colours and the right theme! And this is how we decided to bring a real solution to the problem with the creation of KAEZAR ART BY ADLAN KAEZAR, a division that is guided by a unique and innovative strategy through which we create and produce beautiful,fashionable, trendy artwork that has no reason to be jealous of paintings found in renowned museums and art galleries, yet offered at an affordable price.

All artwork is created in our facilities under the artistic direction of Adlan Kaezar, a talented international artist and Interior Designer from Canada.The Adlan Kaezar signature is on all his masterpieces –every creation is unique and Adlan Kaezar holds exclusive copyrights to all his pieces.Furniture and interior design stores will be delighted by the broad selection and high quality of our products while their customers will see in our creations the perfect accessory to compliment the furniture they bought in store. Fully satisfied customers will witness their home transform into the cover of an

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